Robert-Martin Dahn, better known as Robse was expelled from Equilibrium after 12 years as its frontman, and today, April 3, he returns with a powerful single called “Harlekin & Krieger“.

Robse comments: “We are incredibly excited and proud to finally be able to present our very first song to you. ‘Harlekin & Krieger’ is the title track of our new album entitled the same, which will see the light of day in August. Harlequin, the jester of life, dances with unbridled joy, reminding us that we should always go through life with a smile, no matter what challenges await us. But the warrior stands ready to fight life’s battles with courage and determination. We look forward to celebrating this and other songs from our debut album with you at the upcoming festival shows! ‘Now raise your goblets and sing songs, give life meaning. Go your way proudly, love life, because we are all warriors! KRIEGER AND HARLEKIN”

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