The Italians Elvenking, whom we interviewed in March of last year, after releasing the Venom cover “Prime Evil”, bring us a new single from their album “Reader of the Runes – Rapture” which they have called “Ethel“, a unreleased and hypnotizing song with folkier sounds accompanied by Damna’s unmistakable voice.

The band comments: “‘Ethel’ was written during the long writing session of the second and third chapters of the Reader Of The Runes chronicle, when we were all stuck in our homes during the COVID pandemic. Starting with a violin melody proposed by Lethien, the song develops in one of the characteristic acoustic jigs that we collect on the album “Two Tragedy Poets… And A Caravan Of Weird Figures” back in 2008 and throughout the entire Elvenking discography . Ethereal, dreamlike and romantic, the song best introduces the mysterious character of Ethel. We’ve already glimpsed the story of ROTR and, like “The Moon And Magic,” it links the second chapter to the next and final one.

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