From the great lands of Ireland, Primordial releases their second single that they called «Pilgrimage To The World’s End«.

«‘Pilgrimage to the world’s end’ started out being inspired by the travails of Irish people sent as convicts to Australia, but of course I folded that into a post ‘Coffin Ships’ narrative, poor people boarding boats to try and reach a new world to start over anew, how many went down the boats, endured sickness, death, never reached their destination. Then I began to really consider the plight of all people within that 19th century period who by famine, war, poverty tried to seek a new life. The oppressed and the downtrodden, so as Primordial always has a historical echo that should resonate with the modern day, we see the same thing, poor people clinging to boats trying to seek a new life, always at the behest of a small economic elite who profit from their ruin, this is the song of the war and famine torn refugee from all countries and nations…» – A.A. Nemtheanga