The great irish band, Cruachan, releases an epic and dark videoclip with the collaboration of Stu La Rage Dixon from the legendary black metal band, Venom.

Cruachan: The Witch is for all Cruachan’s female fans. I wrote this song as an homage to all the warrior women out there, I felt a Pagan Forest Witch represents the ultimate in feminine power – independent and strong, you don’t mess with her. When I wrote the words, I intended that the music had to be something special. I wanted something that a lot of people, maybe even people not into metal, would listen to. One of the greatest Irish rock bands of all time is Thin Lizzy and I decided the music would be written in their style. It’s not a rip off, you won’t hear the riffs in The Witch in any Thin Lizzy song but you can definitely hear the Lizzy vibe throughout.